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aeroPAX6 Carrier

aeroPAX6 Carrier

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The aeroPAX battery carrier allows for the rapid integration of our aeroPAX smart batteries. With it, you don't have to worry about developing mounts or connectors.


  • Direct Connection: You can connect ESCs directly to the PCB, reducing the amount of cables and connectors on the drone.

  • Connection Options: The board comes with 2x I2C (JST GH) and 2x CAN ports with optional termination (JST GH).

  • Power Supply: A 5V/10W output is provided for the Cube, companion computer, and other electronics. Additionally, the connectors are compatible with the Pixhawk power module cable, which is also available here.

  • Standardized Connectors: Thanks to standardized connectors and pin assignments, the board can be easily integrated into existing systems.

  • Mounting Holes: For uncomplicated mounting.


There are two versions of the battery carrier. One with protected outputs, suitable for parallel operation, and one without protected outputs. The protected outputs ensure that when only one battery is in the system, active connectors are never exposed. This allows for having an empty and a full battery in the same drone system. The full battery always takes over the supply, allowing the empty battery to be swapped while in operation (Hot Swap).


When using the protected outputs, active braking ESCs should not be used.

The AeroPAX battery carrier is well-suited for prototypes and small series, offering a practical solution for integrating our smart batteries.

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