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aeroPAX6 Bundle

aeroPAX6 Bundle

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Deliveries start on 15.11.2023

The AeroPAX6 Bundle provides a convenient combination of charger, batteries, and a carrier board specifically designed for use in drones and robotics applications.

Contents of the Bundle:

  1. AeroPAX6 Smart Charger: For charging the AeroPAX6 Smart Batteries. 13.5 A Smart charger (450 W)

  2. 2x AeroPAX6 Smart Battery: Batteries for drones and robotics applications. Communication of state of charge and state of health via UAVCAN or I2C. 

  3. AeroPAX6 Carrier Board: For integrating the AeroPAX6 Smart Batteries. Features connectors for ESCs, 2x I2C ports, 2x CAN ports, and 2x 10W power connectors.

Benefits of the AeroPAX6 Bundle:

  • Convenient Combination: The bundle simplifies purchasing and integration.
  • Price Advantage: Compared to buying the components separately.
  • Interplay: The products are designed for combined use. The AeroPAX6 Bundle provides a solid foundation for your drone and robotics applications. It ensures you have the necessary energy and accompanying components to run your project efficiently.
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