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aeroPAX6 - Smart battery

aeroPAX6 - Smart battery

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Our specialized smart batteries are designed to provide reliable power and high performance for drones and other robotics applications. 

aeroPAX batteries can deliver strong bursts of energy when you need it most, ensuring a safe and efficient operation of your robotics application. The battery management system constantly monitors the battery’s parameters allowing your application to integrate this information in its algorithm.

Additionally, our batteries can be fully controlled through software, providing you with the ability to power your system on/off remotely. Whether you’re a commercial drone operator or a robotics enthusiast, our state-of-the-art smart batteries offer reliability, durability, and performance.

🔋 Rapid battery swapping: Experience easy battery changes with our quick-release mechanism and integrated slide-in and plug system.

📊 Advanced monitoring: aeroPAX6 communicates its state of charge and state of health via UAVCAN or I2C, compatible with ArduPilot.

Hot-swappable in parallel usage: Our batteries can be hot-swapped if used in parallel, leading to less time on the ground and more time in the air.

📟 Built-in display: Access essential system data at a glance through the convenient display on the battery’s front.

🛅 Storage mode: In the settings menu, you can command the battery to enter storage mode, preserving its health during extended periods of inactivity.

📈 Cycle tracking and lifespan forecasting: aeroPAX6 predicts its lifespan based on usage, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

📝 Logging functionality: The valuable logging feature helps you collect data to analyze and improve your drone products over time. With advanced lithium-ion technology and a smart battery management system, aeroPAX6 provides accurate feedback on battery status, enabling better flight planning and more accurate flight time calculations. In addition, the battery’s cycle tracking and lifespan forecasting features help you make informed decisions about your investment. The logging functionality allows you to collect and analyze data over time, providing valuable insights for improving your drone products. Upgrade to aeroPAX6 and enjoy reliable power, advanced monitoring, and unmatched easy use for your most demanding drone applications.

Nominal Capacity (1/10 C) 12 Ah 16 Ah 20 Ah
Nominal voltage 22,2 V 22,2 V 22,2 V
Energy 266 Wh 355 Wh 444 Wh
Gravimetric Energy Density 148Wh / kg 166 Wh / kg 207 Wh / kg
Continuous discharge current 60 A 80 A 80 A
Peak discharge current (<10 s) 250 A 250 A 150 A
Weight 1787 g 2138 g 2138 g
Certification UN38.3, CE / FCC UN38.3, CE / FCC UN38.3, CE / FCC
Housing material PA12, fiberglass. PLEXIGLAS® PA12, fiberglass. PLEXIGLAS® PA12, fiberglass. PLEXIGLAS®
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