Ground Robots

Robots are taking over an increasing number of  tasks in our current society and in order to do so effectively, they need smart batteries. Tasks can range from warehouse automation to inspection. Labor shortages and current investments into robot technology are encouraging innovation and the creation of new products.

Robot applications

  • Inspection
  • Measurements
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Production
  • Agriculture

State of Charge (SOC)

Precise knowledge of the robots state of charge is essential to determine whether or not the robot can continue their task.


One of the most important metrics is range for a given task. This will often be your optimization goal.

High energy to weight density will ensure, that you only load your robot with the minimum weight necessary. Our aeroPAX series use state of the art cells ensuring high energy to weight density.

Knowledge of your usual power profile enables aeroPAX to determine not only SOC but your remaining range. Enabling you to get the most out of a single charge without having to worry about range.

State of Health (SOH)

Any battery has a finite Lifespan. The main determining factors are temperature, discharge / charge rates and cycle counts.

Deterioration occurs on two fronts; decrease in capacity reducing your flight time and decrease in peak performance. Decreasing peak performance is due to the increase in internal resistance of the cells and thereby reducing power capability. This will undermine the robots ability to provide fulfill necessary maneuvers.

Knowledge of your battery health will enable you to better understand when you need to replace your battery as to never endanger a critical mission.


Knowledge of all this information is wonderful but only helpful if one can act upon it. This is why it is essential to communicate the information to other parts on the drone such as the flight computer.

Our aeroPAX series uses UAVCAN and OpenCAN to communicate all information to the host.