Simplification and weight

Simplification and weight

Simplification and weight

Connectors and cables will make your drone heavy. Our aeroTray series will enable you to distribute power to your ESCs and major Power consumers directly from the battery tray as close as possible to the your aeroPAX smart battery thereby eliminated electrical losses, cables and connectors.

Most batteries will at the minimum add 100g of weight to the drone for cables and connectors alone.

Our easy to integrate solution allows to connect ESC-cables on the same PCB as the battery connector, no need for extra cables

Ease of use

Connecting and disconnecting standard drone connectors is tidious. Especially when outside, under time pressure and under stress. A high release force is needed wich introduces the risc of pulling on the drone as well as on the battery once the connection opens.

Our aeroTRAY series makes inserting and removing your aeroPAX smart bat

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